Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday. Finished. Off.

Last day of work for the year!

And I promised I'd finish rounding up the outdoor blog posts but all I'm interested in doing is having a nap...
Two one-twelfth scale cushions, one with a rainbow print, the other with a heart print, on a rainbow-striped background.
I'm on holiday, after all.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday and over thirty (degrees*)

I had all the best plans for today's Daily Dolls' House December post.

That is, until I stepped out of the air-conditioned comfort of our office building and into the muggy summer heat. And wilted.

On the bus on the way home (air-conditioned, so my brain was working again), I came up with a devious plan which involved no making things, but rather a continuation of last year's round-up posts, informed by yesterday's post.

And so I came up with the idea of creating a Throwback-Thursday post on the subject of outdoor spaces (I decided that this would only include domestic spaces, not communal or wild spaces. So, for instance, my street-art scene or the wonderful New Zealand bush created by Nigel at Tawhiti doesn't fit the criteria...)

Except it turned out to be probably more work than just creating a scene would have taken.

And so I've ended up just leaving this picture from 2013 (aptly titled 'sweltering') here, and planning to add the rest later:
One-twelfth scale modern miniature patio scene with wire chairs, a gazebo and many plants.
(Preferably a cooler later).

(*℃. which converts to over 36)

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday: treasure from the tip shop

I try to forget that we have two tip shops in the centre of town (well, as much as you can forget when you've liked their Facebook page and so get daily alerts of what new treasures they have in stock...)

This afternoon I was lured in for a visit and left with a few treasures*, including this:
Plastic bag containing various small bits and bobs (including metal badges, small containers and frames) with a price tag saying '$5 Bag of randon stuff'' attached.
Because you know how much I love bags of random stuff.

(*As if I didn't already have enough inspiration to work through...)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Crafternoon: cushions and considerations

I have a standing arrangement to meet a friend for coffee (or something similar) late on a Sunday afternoon. It's a lovely end to the weekend, and supports our (newish) local café to boot.

We've gotten into the habit of bringing along a simple project to work on while we chat. And so it became very important that I finally dig out the missing cushions before I headed off to see her yesterday.

Which I did: they were hiding underneath a vintage wooden inbox I'd plonked down on my desk while looking for something else. (Summer break and clean-up mode can't come soon enough...)

So all was good,
Cafe table with a glass of iced coffee on it. Next to the glass is a cat-shaped pencil case containing miniature cushions, thread and scissors and behind it is a woman working on an appliqué piece.
 and I now have a pile of cushions crying out for a scene (and/or a new home).
Pile of modern miniature cushions in bright retro colours and designs, next to a spool of thread and needle, and a pair of scissors.
On the bus to work this morning I started pondering the idea of using them in a combination of the original bits from this scene here with the concept of creating an Airbnb place I trialled last December. Perhaps an Airbnb place that's catering to the boom in weddings (and therefore honeymoons) resulting from last week's legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia?

(Should I call it 'Rainbow Connection'?)

But before I get to that idea, I need to finish the Seaside Shack lounge. My 3-am thought was decisive: since the lounge was part of the same house as the dining room/ kitchen area, then it had to be twelve inches across as that was the width of the dining area before it stepped down into the lean-to (duh!). So small and pokey it is. (Or will be, once I finish it...)

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Making progress

It was another productive day today, with me taking my own advice and deconstructing both the Buzz Bar Café and the Seaside Shack builds. It was surprisingly easy, with the tape being so old it was hanging on with a wish and a prayer.

(As I pulled out the cardboard wall for french doors, I realised that it's been exactly four years since I last made a proper scene with that wall...)

The first step was a rough build: with the door wall from Buzz Bar on the left, the temporary wall with the scrapbooking sheet I chose to use for the room when I first started thinking about it in 2014 at the back, and the french door wall on the right (I already know I only want one set of french doors on the wall so have bodged together a test with the window wall from here cut down for now). The floor is the one I used for the Seaside Shack kitchen, turned lengthwise.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature lounge in soft blue, grey and red with a sectional sofa, a fireplace and french doors.
The good news is that the wall with the french door and window works well (I'll need to cut a new wall to combine them, which is no problem). The grey pinwale 'carpet' piece I have in stash fits the floor exactly (and the scrapbooking paper fits the back wall exactly, too!)

The bad news is that the room is very squishy at these dimensions. Now this may not be a problem if I decide that the original shack is small and that therefore twelve feet across is a perfectly sensible size for a room in a house of this type (and age).

I ease the side walls out another few inches and try again. It certainly feels better, but if I decide on this size then I'll need to rethink the carpeting and also come up with a solution for having to use two pieces of the scrapbooking paper to cover the back wall (that is, if I can actually find any more pieces in stash...)

While I ponder, I play around with the artworks I'd planned to use as a gallery wall, to see if there are other ways of displaying them that would work.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature lounge in soft blue, grey and red with a sectional sofa, a fireplace and a dolls' house. Arranged loosely across the back wall are a variety of art works with a heart theme.
 (And remind myself that I really need to get back into framing again).

By this time I needed to get the washing in, but was side tracked by the painted school-chair frames sitting on the workbench by the back door.

They're now finished:
Three one-twelfth scale miniature school chairs with frames painted in seafoam colours and seats and backs made of recycled wood pieces.
(well, apart from the fact that I've not yet painted the rubber stoppers on the bottom of the legs. Part of me is thinking that I don't need to since the chairs were spray painted a different colour to what they were originally. But I have to decide if they are vintage chairs redone, or new replicas: this will inform my stopper-painting decision. And yes, I realise I'm probably the only person who would have noticed it if I'd not mentioned it...)

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Sort-it-out Saturday

I have email back on line and spent most of the morning sorting out the backlog that built up while I was sorting the laptop situation out. And doing five loads of washing (as it's the first fine weekend we've had for far too long).

This afternoon I started on some hanging projects. These chairs, for instance, had their first coat of paint, and I found some scrapbooking paper that I think will work well for the seats:
Three one-twelfth scale school chair kits, each painted a different shade of soft blue, green and white, on a cutting mat along with the cans of spray paint and a piece of scrapbooking paper
 And I potted plants:
Five one-twelfth scale potted plants on a cutting mat surrounded by empty pots, spare foliage, a pack of air-drying clay and a cleaning rag.
I've still not found my marriage equality cushions, and have done nothing with the seaside shack lounge build except knock the tray of bits onto the floor (and pick them up again), and start to ponder exactly what should be included in a beach-side holiday home lounge. (I keep seeing french doors to the garden).

Perhaps it's finally time to deconstruct the Buzz Bar Café build and create a new space for future adventures?